Clinical Practice Guidelines
September 2006 Update
to Dyslipidemia in Adults with Diabetes
In Sept 2006 in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes (Vol 30, No 3, Page 230-241), the Clinical Practice Guidelines Expert Committee published revisions to the 2003 Clinical Practice Guidelines. This was done because the results of recent clinical trials on dyslipidemia in diabetes had given evidence that changed our thinking on lipid targets and medical drug treatments. As a result of the new clinical evidence, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society were publishing revised guidelines and it was felt that harmonised guidelines should be published that would reinforce the importance of recognising diabetes as a cardiovascular disease and treating to target in order to minimize complications. The full text of the Guidelines can be found by clicking here

Lipid targets for adults with diabetes at high risk for CVD
Primary Target
LDL-C <2 mmol/L
Secondary Target
TC/HDL-C ratio <4.0