About Prandase

Prandase is an antidiabetic agent that will slow the absorption of glucose (sugar) from your gut to reduce the high blood glucose levels that occur after each meal. Starches and disacharides (table sugar) are broken down by the enzymes in the stomach and small intestine into simple sugars (monosacharides) which are then normally absorbed from the small intestine into the blood. Prandase inhibits the enzyme that breaks down the polysacharides and disacharides into simple sugars for absorption. These complex sugars are still broken down eventually and absorbed but this occurs further down the intestine and later. The result is that the very high glucose levels right after a meal are lowered & smoothed. The body often has the ability to deal with the nutritional load if it is spread out further rather than being absorbed all at once. Prandase does it's work in the gut, it is not absorbed by the body. Because the absorption is delayed sometimes glucose levels before the next meal may be slightly higher, you should not be concerned about this, while it does not always occur it is an indication that the medication is working.