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About Humulin

Humulin is human insulin, unlike the insulin you have used in the past, Humulin does not come from the pancreas of any animal. And though it is, in fact, human insulin, Humulin does not come from the human pancreas -- which produces insulin in people who do not have diabetes. You are probably wondering, "Then where does it come from?"

From rDNA technology
Humulin is made by a special process called recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology. This process makes it possible to produce insulin identical to your body's own. And, more than likely, this is the reason your doctor is giving you Humulin.

Will you need to change your dosage?
Most patients transfer to Humulin at the same dose and dosage schedule used with their previous insulin. Your doctor may have to make some dosage adjustments over a period of weeks or months, however, depending on how you respond to Humulin.

What other changes must you make?
As you know, diet and exercise are very important for good control of your blood sugar. Your doctor or nurse-educator may recommend some changes in your diet or exercise program if your control has been less than satisfactory. The fact that you are on Humulin does not make diet and exercise any less important.

How do you use Humulin?
  • Follow the instructions of your doctor or diabetes nurse educator.* Read "Information for the Patient" that accompanies your vial of Humulin
  • Remember to test your blood glucose as directed by your doctor or nurse educator.
  • If you have any questions or are not feeling well, call your doctor or nurse educator.
Any change of insulin should be made cautiously and only under medical supervision. Changes in refinement, purity, strength, brand (manufacturer), type (regular, NPH, Lente, etc), species (beef, pork, beef-pork, human), and/or method of manufacture (recombinant DNA versus animal-source insulin) may result in the need for a change in dosage.