Pumps for kids in Canada
Information on Provincial Programs:  

Recognizing the importance of tight glycemic control in improving functioning, quality of life and decreasing complications some Canadian Provinces have programs that support the acquisition and cost of operation of insulin pumps for kids. This is a unique and valuable program that permits young people to have access to the best possible treatment for Type 1 Diabetes. Provinces that have such programs are; Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan.

Ontario Assistive Devices Program
Insulin Pumps & Supplies

Residents of Ontario who are 18 years or under and have a valid Health Card may qualify for a grant to pay 100% of  the cost of an insulin pump as well as an annual grant of $2,400 to help pay for pump supplies.

In order to be eligible for pump funding you must have been on multiple daily insulin injections, be willing and able to use an insulin pump and have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to blood glucose monitoring. You must also go through an insulin pump education program and follow up with regular diabetes clinic attendance.

You must be attending one of the Paediatric Diabetes Programs that have been certified or have a special authorization form indicating why you do not attend one of these programs (because of age, distance etc) or you may be attending another approved program such as the Diabetes Clinic, Smiths Falls, ON (613-284-0145). You need to get the form for ADP funding completed and signed by an approved diabetes centre, then you can contact an approved insulin pump vendor (approved vendors in Ontario are; Medtronic Mini-Med, Animas Canada and Auto-Control Medical. When you have received the pump and training from the approved training centre, the forms are sent to the Ontario Assistive Devices Program who will pay for the pump and send you a quarterly cheque for $600 for supplies. In order to remain eligible for the pump supplies grant you most continue follow up with an approved centre and achieve adequate glucose control.