Insulin Pump

Here are some common myths that patients have about insulin pumps before ever talking to their doctor about one, or trying it out:

  1. Pumps are only for bad diabetics
  2. Where is the pump implanted?
  3. People who use pumps don’t have to test their blood sugar anymore.
  4. The pump will take my diabetes away
  5. Insulin pumps are a luxury item
  6. Pumps are only for special diabetics
  7. Insulin pumps are not safe in the hands of children
  8. You need to have good diabetes control before you go on a pump
  9. Wearing a pump will make others notice my diabetes and treat me differently
  10. The pump will set off airport metal detectors

What other myths have you heard? Before being scared away from the idea of an insulin pump, talk to your doctor or diabetes specialist to see if a pump is suited for you.