Tips for Buying an
Insulin Pump
Questions to consider when purchasing an Insulin pump

One is often overtaken by the technology when a pump is purchased. And so we should be, because it is very important in achieving optimal glycemic control. However, once the technology is conquered there are often questions we wish we would have asked at the time of purchase. The purpose of this brochure is to provide some assistance in asking the right questions at the right time. A table has been included that allows you to record the data for comparison. The important thing is not to let these issues stop you from using insulin pump therapy - just be aware.

  • How much will this pump cost to operate on a monthly and yearly basis?
  • Do you lease your pump?
  • Do you provide a loaner so I can determine if this pump is right for me?
  • What is the warranty on this pump? Does the same warranty apply to all components of the system?
  • Can I extend the length of the war-ranty? At what cost?
  • Does the pump time expire and what happens after it expires?
  • If there is a problem with my pump system, how do I get it serviced?
  • If my pump ceases to operate and the warranty has expired, how do I get my pump repaired or replaced and at what cost?
  • If the manufacturer comes out with a new model of pump, is my pump upgradeable? How much will this cost? Does the upgrade include a full warranty period?
  • How will I be notified if there is a problem with my pump or a recall?
  • Do you have authorized distributors for the supplies in my area? Are there supplies that are unique to this pump, e.g. batteries, connections other than Luer Locks?
  • Get your answers in writing !

Manufacturer’s Web Sites and Canadian Telephone Numbers

  • Accu-chek 1-800-280-7801
  • Animas 1-866-406-4844
  • Cozmo 1-800-461-0991
  • Minimed 1-800-444-4649