Ryan Marble's Resume
Ryan Marble Resume

218 Percy St.
Smiths Falls, ON
K7A 4W8

Telephone: (613) 284-0145
Fax: (613) 283-9020
Toll Free: 1-800-717-0145
Email: rmarble@diabetesclinic.ca


  • Have been accepted into the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program at the University of Toronto, and will commence studies in September 2007
  • Completed B.Sc. (Life Sciences) Degree with Distinction, Queen’s University – April 2007.
    • 91% overall average in university
  • High School Diploma from Smiths Falls & District Collegiate Institute – June 2004
    • 97% graduation average

Health/Science Related Work Experience:

  • Diabetes Clinic Summer Student – Canadian Centre for Research on Diabetes - Smiths Falls, ON - Summer 2007
    • Participated in a variety of activities at the clinic, including: clinical research involving rosiglitazone (Avandia) efficacy in a family practice setting; and preparing a case report involving rare adverse events of marked anemia associated with rosiglitazone therapy.
    • Supervisor: Dr. J. Robin Conway, MD
  • Medical Biophysics Summer Studentship – The Brain Tumour Research Centre (BTRC) at the Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON – Summer 2006
    • I searched for ligands of the E3 Ubiquitin ligase LNX, implicated in the degradation of Numb (a protein involved in apoptosis and cancer). I used a variety of protein and DNA techniques including: SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, gene splicing and transfecting. I also attended a weekly seminar put on by a member of the Department of Medical Biophysics and I presented a poster at Princess Margaret Hospital at the end of the summer.
    • Supervisor: Dr. Jane McGlade, PhD
  • NSERC Research Grant – Queen’s University Department of Biology, Kingston, ON, Summer 2005
    • I studied the effect of heat shock in conferring pesticide resistance, by performing vivisections and studying ventilation patterns in the desert locust Locusta migratoria
    • Supervisor: Dr. R. Meldrum Robertson, PhD
  • Pharmacy Technician – The Drug Store Pharmacy, Smiths Falls, ON – March 2003- July 2006
    • I read and filled prescriptions and communicated with patients.

Other Health/Science Related Experience:

  • Toronto Western Hospital – Observed neurosurgery, including a retrosigmoid resection (removal of an acoustic neuroma), an ulnar nerve decompression and anterior transposition, and a laminectomy – July 2006
  • St. Michael’s Hospital (Toronto) – Observed open heart surgery – including a double bypass and a mitral valve replacement – January 2006
  • Kingston General Hospital – Volunteer to visit with terminally ill patients (Palliative Care) – January 2006-April 2007
  • Hotel Dieu Hospital (Kingston)– Recreational leader in psychiatric ward, organizing games and activities for patients – September 2005-April 2007
  • St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital (Kingston) – Completed 8-week/32-hour palliative care training course – October-November 2005
  • Kingston General Hospital – Volunteered to organize activities and play games with long-term care patients – May 2005 – January 2006


  • Dean’s Honour List at Queen’s University for having an average of 90% – July 2007
  • Dean’s Honour List with Distinction at Queen’s University for placing in the top 3% academically of students in the Life Sciences program – July 2005 and July 2006
  • Summer Undergraduate Studentship from the University of Toronto Life Sciences Awards Committee. Given to top students in the summer student program and valued at $1500 – June 2006
  • Annie Bentley Lillie Book Prize for “Outstanding performance” in MATH121 (first year calculus) – July 2005
  • NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) research award from Queen’s University Department of Biology – Summer 2005
  • Chancellor’s Scholarship from Queen’s University for academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, creative and original thinking, and commitment to school and community, valued at $26 000 over four years – 2004
  • Queen Elizabeth Aiming for the Top Scholarship, valued at $14 000 over four years – 2004
  • The Miller Thomson Foundation National Scholarship for devotion to school and community, valued at $1000 – 2004
  • Governor General’s Medal of Canada and the Lion’s Club trophy for having the highest academic standing in high school, and the Carter Scholarship for having the 3rd highest average in the Upper Canada District School Board – 2004
  • Recipient of The Red and White Trophy for greatest overall contribution to the school and community – 2004
  • Fred Aboud Award for athletic leadership – 2004
  • Most Valuable Player of Senior Boys Basketball team – 2004
  • Most Valuable Player of Senior Boys Soccer team – 2004
  • Redmen Dedication Award for commitment to basketball program throughout high school - 2004
  • Placed on Canadian Honour Roll and named a Provincial Medallist for Canadian Open Mathematics Contest – December 2002 and December 2003
  • School winner of Sir Isaac Newton Senior Physics Contest – May 2003
  • School winner of University of Waterloo Descartes math contest – April 2003
  • Awarded gold plateau award for combination of athletic and academic contribution to S.F.D.C.I. – June 2002

Additional Volunteer Experience:

  • Writer for Queen’s Life Sciences Newspaper Lifebeat – January - November 2006
  • Math Bridge teacher – teaching math to local elementary schools in a fun way, including magic tricks and games – February 2005-April 2007
  • Speaker for class of Grade 12’s about the university experience – April 2005
  • Biology Lab at Queen’s University – neurophysiological research involving heat shock proteins in the locust – March-April, September 2005
  • Grade 9 math teacher – February 2005
  • Speaker for Grade 8’s about the high school experience, I spoke to students from 4 different schools in the Smiths Falls region – January 2005
  • Volunteer math tutor – 2001-2004
  • Author of the Red and White Column (a weekly article about news at the high school), The Record News – 2002-2004
  • Head Organizer of Hoops for Heart fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation
    – 2003-2004
  • Volunteer Judge at two local elementary school science fairs - 2004


  • Sports and writing – I played competitively on a variety of sports teams during my five years of high school, including the volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country running, track and field, and badminton teams. In high school, I was an executive on athletics council and I wrote regular sports articles in the local community newspaper. I enjoy writing, not just sports articles but opinion articles as well, which I did for the high school newspaper. I continued to write for the Queen’s Life Sciences Publication Lifebeat and am looking forward to writing opportunities in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.
  • Science, in and out of the classroom – I first gained a taste of the medical field as a pharmacy technician. I very much enjoyed pharmacology and went on to pursue my interests and curiosity in other medicine and research related areas – including cardiac/thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, neurophysiology, palliative care, oncology, anaesthesiology, psychiatry and diabetes education.
  • Games – I play dozens of different card games and board games and I have begun to particularly enjoy Contract Bridge.